PHP Encrypt Decrypt using Base64

Here are two methods to encrypt and decrypt using Base64. I forgot where I got this from but these 2 methods are pretty handy. Make sure you remember your key as your string will be encrypted and decrypted according to what you specify as key. Key is a string here. Usage is as follows: $encrypted […]

WordPress Security Tips and Hacks

We all agree that having a secure wordpress weblog should be our first priorities when keeping a successful blog. In this post we’d like you to share your knowledge and help us create the WordPress Security guide to keep the bad guys out. Below are 10 security tips that you can easily implement on your […]

Enterprise Network Monitoring Tools and Utilities

  Big Brother Big Brother monitors System and Network-delivered services for availability. Your current network status is displayed on a color-coded web page in near-real time. When problems are detected, you’re immediately notified by e-mail, pager, or text messaging. Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix   Cacti Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all […]

Free PHP Uptime Monitor Script: phpWatch

As we all experience, every hosting account or server sometimes fails, no matter how good the hosting company is. And, this can be accepted as normal when it is within the limits. For better reacting to the downtimes, analyzing the health of the web application & the environment it is hosted on, uptime monitoring is […]

Integrate Statistics Into Any Application Using Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source framework that developers can use to integrate web analytics into any application. It is built with PHP & besides the standalone usage, it has built-in support for WordPress, Gallery & MediaWiki. OWA comes with 2 APIs: PHP: which makes it easier to integrate into any PHP application JavaScript: for […]

18 Useful Tricks To Speed Up WordPress & Boost Performance

WordPress is a good CMS solution and even better blogging platform, but most sites using WordPress are not maximizing its potential. Performance is one of the important factor of a successful website. In this article we have compiled a list of useful tips, tricks, hacks, and plugins that can be used to speed up WordPress […]

WordPress 2.8.4

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it. New to blogging? Learn more about WordPress, then follow the three […]

WPMU Functions/update site option

구문 function update_site_option ( $key, $value ) 설명 wp_sitemeta에 추가되어 있는 값을 수정하고자 할 때 사용하는 함수. 파라미터들 $key  (string) (required) 업데이트할 옵션의 name Default: None $value  (string) (required) 이 옵션의 value. 최대 2^32 을 넘을 수 없음 Default: None 리턴 값 Null. 예제 <?php update_site_option( ‘bp-xprofile-base-group-name’, ‘Base’ ); ?> 원문 : 워드프레스 개발자 모임 […]

[유닉스]Tape device확인

최근에는 NAS나 SAN에 백업을 주로 받는거 같은데~ Tape로 백업을 받을시 OS별로 device확인하는 명령어에요~ HP-US : iosacn -fknC tape AIX : lsdev -Cc taple Solaris : pmadm -l


#su – oracle#sqlplus /nologSQL>connect /as sysdbaSQL>shutdown immediateSQL>exit#lsnrctl stop#exit


#su – oracle#sqlplus /nologSQL>connect /as sysdbaSQL>startupSQL>exit#lsnrctl start#exit


FTP Server 설치$sudo apt-get install vsftpdftp 설정파일 위치 -> /etc/vsftpd.conf vsftpd.conf 파일을 수정$sudo vi /etc/vsftpd.conf ::수정할 부분::anonymous_enable=NO //기본값이 YES 이므로 NO로 변경local_enable=YES //주석 제거write_enable=YES //주석 제거데몬 재시작$sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart  

[리눅스]NFS 마운트하기

리눅스 Network File System 설정 방법입니다.일단 NFS란 원격으로 리눅스간의 자료를 공유하는 시스템을 말합니다. 우선 root계정으로 계정(ex:ssamture)을 생성하셔야 합니다. # useradd ssamture# passwd ssamture <– 패스워드 설정 # vi /etc/exports 를 열고 편집을 합니다. /boot 여기는 공백이구 탭으로 이동 공유할 아이피를 넣어주시구요. 만약 클래스대역으로 공유를 하려면 ex) 라고 하면 되겠죠. 클라이언트 ip를 쳐주시면 되겠네요. 그러니까 […]

[MySQL]dump명령어 옵션들

mysqldump mysqldump [옵션] db명 [table명] > 백업파일 mysqldump [옵션] –databases [옵션] db명1, db명2, …. > 백업파일 mysqldump [옵션] –all-databases [옵션] > 백업파일 – 옵션 -A, –all-databases : 모든 DB를 덤프 –add-locks : 덤프 전에 lock 덤프 후에 unlock –add-drop-table : 덤프이후에 출력물의 앞에 drop table명령 추가 나중에 복구할 때 사용키 위해서 -B, –databases : 여러 […]

플러그인 상단 제목 추가(위젯방식)

아래와 마찬가지인데~이번엔 위젯방식으로 플러그인이 추가되도록 만들어 보았다.