Free PHP Uptime Monitor Script: phpWatch

As we all experience, every hosting account or server sometimes fails, no matter how good the hosting company is. And, this can be accepted as normal when it is within the limits.

For better reacting to the downtimes, analyzing the health of the web application & the environment it is hosted on, uptime monitoring is a working solution.

Free PHP Uptime Monitor Script

phpWatch is a free PHP uptime monitoring script that can watch unlimited number of websites and send notifications via e-mail or SMS (for US phones).

With an Ajaxed interface, new monitors & notifications can be easily configured. And, once the cron job / scheduled task -that pings the servers in desired time intervals- is set, the script is ready to go.

phpWatch also offers an API which lets other applications to query the monitored services, get the statistics and use the notification system for sending SMS and e-mail alerts.


Requirements: PHP, MySQL

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  1. server monitor
    2013/06/26 at 15:05 · Reply

    Hosting companies promising us that our site is secure and will be monitored 24/7. But the real thing is they don't really do this.

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