Content Delivery for Mobile Devices

In the past, delivering content to mobile devices has been a very tricky subject. Developers who came into the mobile world were usually confronted with a new and unknown paradigm, where very little information could be found on how to determine devices’ capabilities and to deliver content to them. It was something completely new, and it looked like this information was kept secretly as a precious treasure by those few who had been able to learn it. The aim of this article is to introduce practical examples on how to deliver content to Mobile Devices, making use of sample source code where possible.

In the past, developers had to rely on the very little information that was available on the Internet, and on their own tests via trial and error. Furthermore, the lack of standarisation among phone manufacturers made things even worse, since each of them supported different file formats, and different ways of downloading content, and so on…

As time went by, information slowly started becoming available, communities of Mobile Developers began to get together on mailing-lists, and great utilities like WURFL and others came to save us.

Fortunately, each day more resources for Mobile Developers continue to appear. Great examples of this are mobiForge and DeviceAtlas.

But despite this, we still often lack clear examples on how to achieve certain tasks, or solve particular problems.
So, in this article we present some practical examples on how to deliver content to Mobile Devices, and make use of sample source code where possible.

Use of DeviceAtlas and others goes beyond the scope of this article, but it is recommended to check out the DeviceAtlas tutorial.
Code examples are in PHP, but should easily be ported to other programming languages.

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  1. JonathanMoore
    2016/06/08 at 10:53 · Reply

    In such Apple devices, you have to open the 192.168.l.l and tap to the Wifi option. After that, it is essential to choose the name of your Wifi network

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